NetRom Internet Services

Available Accounts

  1. Personal E-mail Account
  2. PPP User Account
  3. PPP+ User Account
  4. Personal IP Account
  5. Business Accounts
  6. Telnet Only Accounts

NetRom now accepts Visa And Mastercard for payment!

1. Personal E-mail Account (PEA).

This account allows you to send and receive e-mail from people and businesses around the world. The basic cost is only $5 per month with no setup fees of any kind!

What's the catch? Only one, you must prepay for a minimum of 3 months. That's it! There are no other catches, no connection fees or hourly charges. (Phone charges, if any not included).

2. PPP User Account (PUA).

A true PPP account gives you better performance. To allow our customers to realize the fullest potential for on-line and web access, we ask our customers to maintain a maximum average of 4 hours of usage per day. Not on one day and then 8 hours the next is OK with us! This service is available for $20.00 per month, with a 2 month initial commitment required. There are never any hourly fees with NetRom and only users that consistently exceed the average will be asked to upgrade to our PPP+ account. Take advantage of our pay for 6 months and get the 7th month FREE plan!.

This plan includes 5 megs of space on our server for your own personal web page.

Additional e-mail addresses are available for the kids at only $5 more a month each!

Run all your internet applications on your own computer with full compatibility. An ideal account for Windows and Macintosh users.

3. PPP+ User Account (PUA+).

Need to be connected to the Internet more than 4 hours average per day? Then this is the account for you. A full PPP account with an unmetered interactive connection to the net is available for only $30.00 a month with no setup fees (a 2 month commitment required). Full dynamic ip addressing and additional hard disk storage space.

Put your computer directly on the Internet with this plan today!

4. Personal IP Account (PIA).

Want your own personal ip address? NetRom can do it! Allow others to ftp directly to your computer, set up your own personal web server, and more! This is the best personal account you can get. Only $10 more a month, how can you go wrong? (Requires PUA+ account or higher.)

5. Business Accounts.

A full range of business accounts are available. Dial-Up, direct line, 56k, T1, T3, your own domain, web server, are all available at reasonable rates.

Call NetRom Internet Services at (973) 208-1339 for a customized quote to suit your needs or fax us at (973) 208-0942.

6. Telnet Only Account (TOA).

For those who already have access to the Internet but want the services of a provider with privacy assured. Telnet accounts are only $10 per month with no setup fees. We do require that you pre-pay the first 2 months to start the account, month to month payments after that. Telnet accounts offer extended hard disk space (higher disk quotas). Send E-mail to for more details.

At NetRom, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We provide an easy to install, "get connected" kit which features Microsoft's Internet Explorer with e-mail and news reader. The kit is compatible with all web browsers including Netscape. We maintain one of the best user to modem ratios in the industry, which means getting on-line is always fast and easy. We are happy to offer personal service; 24 hour tech support, free housecall for your setup and a friendly voice when you have a problem. NetRom is commited to guide you along your trip down the information super highway.

Happy Surfing,